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My Job:
problem solver

In complex systems, minor changes might cause consequences of much greater proportions - for good or for bad. Don't leave your success to chance when you are facing new challenges in your IT-environment. Go for expertise and experience!


My know-how - your success


Performance analysis and tuning
(operating system, webserver, middleware and backend)
Specialized in big web environments
(up to 1 mio connections/hour)
Unix infrastructure planning and realizing
(loadbalancer, web and backend server)



Server hardening
Vulnerability scanning
Patch management



Automated deployment with puppet
Ramp-up workshops and trainings

(enable the customer to automate his environment with puppet)

Success Stories

Down to business: Three examples to demonstrate how I work.


Performance analysis intranet with 20000 clients

pc workplaces

The new intranet systems of a health service providers lacked user acceptance due to longlasting response times. Response times have been reduced by 50 % by tuning webserver, proxy and middleware.


Workshop introduction of puppet automation

network connections in city

A major telco wanted to migrate the unified messaging infrastructure to Redhat Unix. Central configurations should by automatically deployed. Setup of a puppet environment (master, nodemanager, PuppetDB) together with the sysadmins of the client. Classes for automation of firewall rules and mail configuration have been developed and explained.


Upgrade Electronic Banking Middleware with HSM-Modul

credit cards on keyboard

A bank required a major release change of the weblogic environment together with connection to a hardware security modul with FINTS interface. Cluster management and efficent release planning ensured no disruption of the service for the consumers during the upgrade.

We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.
Albert Einstein

About Me

Martin Gräber

Martin Gräber

Diplom-Informatiker (FH)

Study of business computer science, university of applied science Karlsruhe, degree as Diplom-Informatiker (FH) in 1993. Freelance IT professional since 1990. Projects all over europe in the telecommunication, automotive, banking and pharmaceutical business (e.g. Mannesmann Mobilfunk, Vodafone, T-Mobil, Telekom, T-Online, Alcatel, Belgacom, Porsche, Deutsche Bank, Rockwell).

Martin Gräber


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